Understanding Solar

Photovoltaic (PV) modules generate DC power from the sun

It is to be noted that devices called investors are used on PV modules. What it does is, it generates high amount of electricity which facing the sun in a direct manner. The efficiency at which PV cells convert sunlight to electricity varies by the type of semiconductor and PV cell technology.

Inverter converts DC power into 240V (AC) power for use by standard appliances and grid connection.

The sun shines directly on the solar panels generating DC electricity. As it receives the sunshine the DC electricity is fed directly into the solar inverter. It then convert it to 240V 50Hz AC electricity. The surplus electricity is then fed back into the pivotal grid.

Bi-directional meter measures electricity produced and consumed, excess electricity is exported to the Grid

A general electricity or energy meter installed at our homes is basically a single directional meter. What it means is this meter can only register increase consumption of energy. It can be done by counting the total amount of energy flown through it during specified period of time.

The building is powered from the solar system

Solar energy is in multitude and it is reliable and renewable energy source. It is also the clean type of energy known to man since it is polluted free and contributes to the decrease of a country’s carbon emission.

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