6.6 kW Solar Systems

6.6 kW Solar Systems


Now there is a truly cost effective way to slash your power bills and it’s free.

A 6.5 or 6.6kW solar system is the perfect way to produce your own almost endless supply of power using renewable energy from the sun. A 6.5 kW or 6.6 kW solar system can produce enough electricity to reduce your power bill to zero.

Solar power allows you to control how much power you use and when you use it. You no longer need to worry about the rising cost of power when you’ve got lots of visitors who need lengthy hot showers.

And in the hot months you can turn on the AC when you want it. The 6.5kW or 6.6kW solar system is one of the most cost effective systems for large, busy Australian households.

Take advantage of today’s low prices for solar systems in Australia. Solar power makes more sense in Australia than ever before thanks to some of the lowest solar system prices in the world.  

This means you can benefit from a really quick return on your investment and save big dollars on your power bills thanks to Australia’s:

    • Regular and generous amounts of sunshine
    • Rock bottom solar installation costs
    • Financial incentives & tariffs

Your new 6.5kW solar system or 6.6kW solar system will produce enough power for you to export the surplus electricity back to the Grid.  

Power companies will pay you a solar feed-in tariff (or solar buy back) for this surplus, which in NSW could be as high as 16 cents per kWh. Solar power just keeps on giving month after month and with the buy-back tariff you’ll soon find your power bills are almost zero.

The government provides additional incentives with its Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme. A 6.5kW solar system or 6.6kW solar system will save you money. And your kids and the environment will thank you for using the free, renewable energy of the sun.

Solar systems can be complex so you need to do your research. And make sure you choose an experienced expert installation team. An expert solar installer will make sure you have the right panels, invertors, backup batteries, and expert advice you need for your requirements and budget.

Thanks to the government’s Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, installing a solar power system is even more attractive.jpg

6.6 kW Solar System Price

How much will a 6.6kW solar system cost?

How quickly will a 6.5kW solar system or 6.6kW solar system pay for itself?

The 5kW solar system has traditionally been one of the most popular sized systems for the average Australian household.

But now 6.5kW or 6.6kW solar systems may be even more cost effective for your lifestyle. Plus, you get the added bonus of a higher government rebate. And the high levels of power production efficiency mean the system will usually pay for itself in 3 to 5 years.

What's the 6.6kW System Cost?

A good quality 6.5kW or 6.6kW solar system will usually cost in the range of $5,000 to $7,000.

You can buy cheaper components such as panels and invertors and that will save you money on the initial outlay but you will probably spend that money many times over with short equipment lifespans and expensive repairs. So it’s better to buy a good quality system.

Some of the things that will influence the design of your solar system design as well as the final cost include:

  • Hours of sunshine hitting your roof
  • Roof angle may require extra mounting
  • Shade has a significant impact on performance
  • Your energy requirements

The inverter is an incredibly important part of the system because it converts the sun’s rays into usable AC electrical current.

We recommend a Fronius primo inverter or a Fronius Symo (if you need 3 phase power). Fronius is a premium European brand with a reputation for producing high-end solar energy components.

You’ll  be pleased to know that 6.6kW solar systems are pre-approved throughout Australia for connecting into the grid so you can straightaway start earning money from your surplus electricity.

Government subsidies can add up to $3250 or more for a 6.6kW system - a significant cost reduction. 


​Do I Need Battery Backup?

Battery backup can offer significant benefits.  But the relatively high cost means you need to think about whether battery backup is right for you.

A battery system for a 6.6kW solar unit usually costs between $1,300 to $2,000 per kWh.

This means a battery backup for a 6.6kW system might cost around $7,000 to $10,000. And although the average payback time is now below 10 years.

We aim to design systems that will provide 100% payback in less than 4 years.

There are a number of variables but 6.6kW solar systems generally cost in the range of $5,000 to $7,000

6.6kW Solar System with Battery Backup

A standard solar system can only generate power during daylight hours.

A standard solar system can only generate power during daylight hours. Adding battery backup means you can store power for night-time use. This allows you to use your stored electricity instead of paying peak rates. Battery backup also keeps you powered up if you experience frequent power outages.

​​Battery Backup Products

Tesla and LG lithium ion batteries will provide exceptionally efficient performance for your 6.5kW solar system or 6.6kW solar system. 

Lithium ion batteries offer many benefits over other battery types including:

  • Better safety
  • Faster recharge
  • Greater storage capacity
  • Better performance at temperature extremes

​​What's the Battery Backup Cost?

The initial outlay for Tesla and LG Lithium batteries is higher than for older lead-acid batteries but the benefits quickly pay for themselves.

How many panels do I need for a 6.6kW solar system

6.6kW Solar System - How Many Panels?

Solar panels have dropped in price dramatically over the last few years.

The number and quality of solar panels you install can make an enormous difference to the cost effectiveness and durability of your solar system. You want to choose solar panels that generate power efficiently even on cloudy days. Also look out for panels with 10 or 25-year warranties; this is your guarantee of real durability.

​​​Solar Panel Products

Canadian Solar 310 or LG NeON panels are our pick. These are tried and trusted products from reputable brands.

​​​How Many Panels Will I Need?

Typically, you’ll need 22 x 300 watt Canadian Solar panels watt or 20 x 335 watt LG neon solar panels. Panels generally measure around 1.65m x 1m.

So, you’ll need a roof area of 37 to 40 m2 for your panels.

Make sure you talk to the experts before choosing your panels. Making a mistake with your solar panels can be costly and will severely reduce the effectiveness of your system.

​Solar Panel Products

Candadian Solar Panel for 5kW solar system

​Canadian Solar 310

​With Canadian Solar’s proprietary poly wafer and cell technologies we have developed an extraordinary module. HiKu is the first bifacial poly module exceeding 430 W and thus reaches one of the highest poly module power output in the solar industry.

LG Neon Solar Panel for 5kW solar system

​LG NeON 335W

LG’s Best Selling Module
The LG NeON® 2 is LG’s best selling solar module. It received the acclaimed 2015 Intersolar award for featuring LG’s Cello Technology. It’s one of the most powerful and versatile modules on the market.

Trina Solar Panel for 5kW solar system

​Trina 315 Panels

​Trina panels are backed by an industry-leading 25-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty and a strong track record of reliability and performance in the field. As a vertically integrated company, Trina Solar oversees the quality of its products across the supply chain, and all Trina panels undergo in-house testing and independent, third-party certification.

6.6kW Solar System - Output Per Day

Larger Australian homes use around 24 kilowatt hours of electricity each day (not including a swimming pool) and a 6.5kW solar system or 6.6kW solar system can easily meet that target.

A range of factors may influence the total power production from a system including:

  • Number of peak sunlight hours
  • Shade (even small amounts)
  • Temperature extremes
  • Panel orientation

Most roofs in Australia receive around 5 hours of peak sunlight every day. This means that a 6.6kW solar system with north-facing panels will produce an average of 20kWh to 27kWh of power per day over the year.

We aim to get your power bills down to near zero.

This will allow you to payback your system investment in less than 4 years. Our recent solar system install for the Vaucluse Yacht Club, Sydney is a good example of the savings you too can enjoy. The Yacht Club experienced a credit of more than $700 on their very first power bill.

Solar Installation to Vaucluse Yacht Club Sydney

Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels are usually installed on the roof, and most installations take one day.

Roof installation saves space, uses available sunlight more effectively, and is usually cheaper too. We can do ground mounted installations but most residential settings will lack the necessary space.

Tilting roof support frames can be useful to obtain the optimal angle for sunlight collection and we can install these where necessary but this may involve an additional cost.

Typical residential roof framing is usually strong enough to support solar panels. However, some specific circumstances may require additional structural support or extra installation costs. We can talk you through any necessary additional requirements.
Solar panels are usually installed on the roof, and most installations take one day

6.6kw Solar Systems in Sydney

At AHE, we pride ourselves on those good old-fashioned values of our family owned business.  

Those values underpin more than 2 decades of experience installing the highest quality solar systems throughout the Sydney region. 

We aim to deliver really cost-effective solar systems combined with excellent service, professional workmanship, and outstanding backup and support. And you can always rely on our expert, friendly advice.

You can expect us to take the time to listen to your needs, take into account your budget, and work through your average daily power usage to find the best solution for your lifestyle.

AHE is now partnering with TCC Solar so you can benefit from some of the most experienced and highly qualified experts in residential and commercial solar system installations in the Sydney region.

We believe that the benefits of solar power should be available for all. We think it’s time all Australians can enjoy affordable power and we want to help build a society that takes better care of the earth’s precious environment.

 Let us show you how solar power can brighten your days and your nights.

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