System upgrade options

February 2013 changes to the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme now make it viable to upgrade exisiting solar panel systems.

To quote the NSW Department of Trade & Investment, “customers who receive the 60 cents per kilowatt hour tariff may expand their overall generating capacity and retain the 60 cents tariff for their Scheme generator if the additional capacity is from a separately metered non-Scheme generator.”

In plain English, this means that all you 60c feed in tariff (FIT) customers currently in the Scheme can increase your overall generating capacity, keeping the 60c FIT on your existing system, when you add a new non-Scheme system and meter.
In essence you will end up with 2 systems:

  1. Your current system will operate as before and you will benefit from the current FIT for all the electricity it generates (a ‘gross’ system);
  2. Your new system will benefit you by generating even more electricity to offset the electricity your home uses (a ‘net’ system).

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