A solar power system has 5 components to ensure a satisfied customer.

1) The solar panels purchased should be from a known and diversified manufacturer, so in future years you can receive follow up service or warranty back up, as the company is still around. Many solar only manufacturers are currently in severe financial distress. Just read up on the internet about these issues.

2) Only use high quality inverters with your system. The inverter undertakes the key work in your system. Every time there is a cloud and change in weather to invert adjusts the output. Therefore an inverter never stops during the day. High quality brands which work well with your LG panels can be recommended by your local LG installer. Please avoid cheap inverters.

3) Framing systems. There is no point buying quality panels and inverter and not fasten them with a quality framing system. Your authorized LG solar dealer can provide you with solid advice.

4) Warranties – There are now decade long warranties available from solar system component manufacturers. Warranties are only as good as the companies that back them. Stick to the leaders in the industry. Ask about local service centres and how warranty processes will be executed. More and more the solar industry is maturing and the leading companies are diversified and have solid balance sheets. If you have never heard of the manufacturer, then stay away.

5) Quality of installation and after installation service. No point buying high quality components and have them installed poorly. Use a LG authorized dealer or someone who has been installing for a while. You do not want to have broken tiles or poor cabling run as a legacy of a poor and rushed installation job. What after service does the company provide? Are they local or just came into town for a quick sell solar and run. Always choose local diversified solar install businesses over travelling solar install teams, which will be gone when you need after install service. Buy cheap – buy twice, it’s certainly true for solar.