Please try LG solar calculator for your area to see how much electricity different sized solar systems generate. A number of factors can affect how much energy your solar system will generate. We have separated these into primary effects (the things that make a big difference) and secondary effects (the things that make a smaller difference). These include the following:

Primary effects on generation

  • Rating of the panel i.e. its efficiency – a  LG NeON 300W panel will generate more electricity than a standard 250W  Mono or Polly -crystalline panel;
  • Location of panels – a northern roof panel will generate much more electricity than a panel on a southern roof. As a matter of fact southern roofs are not suited for solar panel installation in Australia;
  • Seasonal variation due to variance in the intensity (irradiance) of the sun;
  • Time of day – Middle of the day will give you highest electricity generation for many systems;
  • Shading from trees or buildings will reduce electricity output significantly.

Secondary effects on generation

  • Angle and orientation of the solar power panels
  • Annual variation in sunshine
  • Panel and solar power inverter quality and efficiency
  • Air flow around the system
  • Dirt build up

However, we can use some averages to give us a good idea of what to expect. See the chart below from the Clean Energy Council, which  can be used to  view some typical power generation results. Also try our solar output calculator.