Enphase AC Battery

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We revolutionized solar. Now we’re revolutionizing storage.Enphase BatteryEnphase AC Battery

The Enphase AC Battery is a Modular, plug and play solution that is fully integrated into the Enphase Energy Management System.

AC Battery Specifications

  • Power – 275W, 550W
  • Storage Capacity – 1.2kWh
  • Estimated Life – 10 years
  • Chemistry – LiFePO4
  • Voltage – 208/240V

Features include:Enphase Battery 1

  • Estimated 10-year battery Life – Safe, Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry
  • Mounting Brackets – Easy single person install
  • Enphase S275 Microinvertor – The world’s most advanced miroinventor is fully integrated into the Enphase Energy Management System
  • Enphase Enlighten - Connectivity and reporting, monitors AC Battery charging/discharging and consumption. Adaptive systems learns how to optimize usage.

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